Zinc Gluconate


Zinc gluconate is a compound that results from the chemical combination of two gluconate anions with each zinc(II) cation. This process forms a salt known for its use in dietary supplements and various health remedies.

Also Known As

Zinc gluconate is recognized by several names depending on the context or region. Here’s a brief overview of its alternate identities:

  • Zincum Gluconicum
  • Gluconic Acid, Zinc Salt
  • Zinc D-gluconate


Zinc gluconate finds its applications predominantly in the healthcare and wellness industries. It’s widely utilized as a dietary supplement to prevent or treat zinc deficiency. Beyond nutritional supplements, zinc gluconate is a common ingredient in cold remedies, including lozenges and nasal sprays, thanks to its immune support and potential antiviral properties.


As the zinc salt of gluconic acid, zinc gluconate stands out as the preferred choice for zinc supplementation. Its significance stems from its role in addressing zinc deficiency, a crucial aspect for maintaining overall health. Additionally, its efficacy in cold prevention and treatment through various over-the-counter products further highlights its importance.

Key points include:

  • Most popular form of zinc in dietary supplements.
  • Used for the prevention and treatment of zinc deficiency.
  • Frequently found in cold remedies such as lozenges and nasal sprays.

Common Dosage

The typical daily dosage of zinc gluconate ranges from 105 to 350 mg. This dosage may vary based on individual health needs and the specific recommendations of a healthcare provider.


Zinc gluconate, with its origin in the chemical synthesis of gluconate and zinc ions, is a pivotal compound in nutrition and healthcare. It serves as a fundamental component in combating zinc deficiency and supporting immune function, especially in the context of cold treatment and prevention. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a staple in dietary supplements and cold remedies alike.

Key takeaways:

  • Vital for preventing and treating zinc deficiency.
  • Prominent ingredient in cold prevention and treatment products.
  • Dosages range from 105 to 350 mg daily depending on individual requirements.

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