Zeaxanthin 25%


Zeaxanthin is synthesized in plants and certain microorganisms, often derived from yellow maize.

Also Known As

Zeaxanthin does not have widely recognized alternative names but is closely associated with the family of carotenoids and pigments found in nature.


Zeaxanthin is primarily used for:

  • Dietary supplements aimed at enhancing eye health.
  • Supporting the health of the lens and macula in the eye.
  • Included in products targeting general wellness and vision support.


Zeaxanthin, a prevalent carotenoid alcohol in nature, plays a critical role in the xanthophyll cycle and eye health. Essential highlights include:

  • Integral in protecting the eyes from harmful light wavelengths.
  • Supports overall macular health, reducing the risk of macular degeneration.
  • Found at a concentration level of 25% in supplements for optimal benefit.

Common Dosage

There is no established standard dosage for Zeaxanthin, with intake recommendations varying based on individual health goals and supplement formulations.


Zeaxanthin is a key nutrient for maintaining eye health, particularly in protecting against macular degeneration and supporting lens and macular health. Key takeaways:

  • Sourced from plants, particularly yellow maize.
  • Vital for eye health, especially in protecting against harmful light.
  • No standard dosage, suggesting personalized consumption based on product recommendations.

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