Whole Egg Powder


Whole Egg Powder is produced by fully dehydrating eggs through a spray-drying method, transforming them into a convenient, long-lasting powder form.

Also Known As

This versatile ingredient is commonly known as:

  • Powdered eggs


Whole Egg Powder is utilized for various culinary applications, including:

  • Baking, where it can be used directly without rehydration
  • Preparing dishes such as scrambled eggs and omelettes, after rehydration


Whole Egg Powder offers a practical alternative to fresh eggs, preserving the nutritional value and versatility of eggs in a shelf-stable format. It is especially valuable for its ease of storage and use. Key features include:

  • Created through a spray-drying process that dehydrates whole eggs
  • Can be used directly in baking or rehydrated for traditional egg dishes
  • Offers a long shelf life and easy storage solutions

Common Dosage

To substitute fresh eggs with Whole Egg Powder, use a mix ratio of 26% egg powder to 74% water by weight.


Whole Egg Powder is a convenient and efficient alternative to fresh eggs, suited for both baking and cooking applications. Its spray-dried form ensures that it retains the nutritional and functional properties of eggs, making it an essential ingredient for various culinary needs. Key takeaways:

  • Ideal for baking and making egg dishes after rehydration
  • Enables easy storage and long shelf life compared to fresh eggs
  • Use a ratio of 26% egg powder to 74% water to replace fresh eggs

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