White Kidney Bean Ext.


White Button Mushroom Extract is derived from Agaricus bisporus, commonly known as white button mushrooms.

Also Known As

This extract is also identified by the botanical name of its source:

  • Agaricus bisporus


White Button Mushroom Extract is utilized for its health-promoting properties, particularly in:

  • Cancer prevention strategies due to its chemopreventive activities
  • Supporting the immune system through its immunomodulating effects
  • Natural aromatase inhibition, potentially beneficial in hormone-related conditions


White Button Mushroom Extract, a compound obtained from Agaricus bisporus, stands out for its potential health benefits derived from its phytochemical content, including polysaccharides and beta-D-glucans. These components contribute to its chemopreventive, immunomodulating, and hormone-balancing properties. Highlights include:

  • Possesses chemopreventive and immunomodulating activities
  • Contains polysaccharides and beta-D-glucans that support health
  • Acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor, potentially useful in managing hormone-sensitive conditions

Common Dosage

While there is no established standard dosage for White Button Mushroom Extract, usage typically depends on individual health goals and professional guidance.


White Button Mushroom Extract offers promising health benefits, particularly in cancer prevention, immune system support, and natural hormone regulation. Derived from the widely consumed Agaricus bisporus, this extract demonstrates the potential for significant health impacts. Key takeaways:

  • Useful in chemoprevention and immune system modulation
  • Contains beneficial polysaccharides and beta-D-glucans
  • Lacks a standard dosage, emphasizing personalized healthcare guidance

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