Taurine is a compound that naturally occurs in the body, playing a crucial role in several biological processes. While it is endogenously produced, it can also be sourced externally through dietary supplements and certain foods. Rich dietary sources include shellfish, particularly scallops, mussels, and clams, as well as the dark meat of turkey and chicken.

Also Known As

Taurine is scientifically recognized by several names, emphasizing its chemical nature:

  • 2-Aminoethanesulfonic acid
  • Tauric acid


Taurine is utilized in various health and wellness applications due to its significant physiological roles. Its supplementation is beneficial in treating conditions such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, liver disease, and high cholesterol. Additionally, it is used to enhance mental performance and serve as an antioxidant, protecting cells from oxidative damage.


Taurine, often classified as an amino acid for simplicity, is actually an amino sulfonic acid vital for protein building. Found abundantly in the brain, retina, heart, and blood cells, it is essential for cardiovascular function, development of the nervous system, and the formation of bile salts. Key aspects of taurine include:

  • Essential for cardiovascular health, eye health, and the central nervous system
  • Used in treating a variety of health conditions including heart failure and liver disease
  • Acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from oxidative damage

Common Dosage

The recommended dosage for taurine supplementation ranges from 2 grams to 6 grams per day, ideally divided into smaller doses throughout the day to optimize absorption and utilization by the body.


Taurine is a crucial biological compound with widespread benefits, from supporting cardiovascular health to enhancing mental performance and providing antioxidant protection. Its availability through both endogenous synthesis and dietary sources makes it a versatile component of health and nutrition strategies. Key takeaways include:

  • Plays a critical role in the body’s cardiovascular, nervous, and visual systems
  • Beneficial in treating a range of health conditions and improving mental performance
  • Recommended intake ranges from 2 to 6 grams per day in divided doses

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