Sclareolide 95%


Sclareolide is derived from Salvia sclarea, Salvia yosgadensis, and cigar tobacco, showcasing its diverse plant-based origins.

Also Known As

This compound is known by its chemical name:

  • Norambreinolide

This designation highlights its chemical structure as a sesquiterpene lactone, distinguishing it from related compounds.


Sclareolide is utilized in various applications, reflecting its versatility and beneficial properties:

  • Employed as a fragrance in cosmetics, adding a unique scent to beauty products.
  • Marketed as a weight loss supplement in recent years, although it should be noted that clinical evidence supporting this use is currently lacking.


Sclareolide, a sesquiterpene lactone natural product, is derived from several plant sources including Salvia sclarea and Salvia yosgadensis, as well as cigar tobacco. It serves as a close analog of sclareol, known for its antifungal properties. Despite its recent marketing as a weight loss supplement, its primary recognized application is in the cosmetics industry as a fragrance component.

Key points include:

  • Derived from a variety of plant sources, including Salvia species and tobacco.
  • Functions as a fragrance in cosmetics, enhancing the scent profile of beauty products.
  • Its use as a weight loss supplement lacks clinical evidence to date.

Common Dosage

There is no established common dosage for Sclareolide, particularly regarding its use as a supplement. Dosage may vary based on product formulation and intended use, especially in cosmetics.


Sclareolide, derived from Salvia sclarea, Salvia yosgadensis, and cigar tobacco, is primarily known for its use as a fragrance in cosmetics. While it has been marketed for weight loss, scientific support for this application is insufficient. It remains a valuable ingredient in the fragrance industry, contributing to the aromatic quality of cosmetic products.

Key summary points include:

  • Utilized for its fragrance properties in the cosmetics industry.
  • Lacks clinical evidence supporting its efficacy as a weight loss supplement.
  • Derived from various plant sources, indicating its natural origin.

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