Rutecarpine is derived from an herb known as Evodia, specifically from the plant Euodia ruticarpa, highlighting its natural herbal origins.

Also Known As

This compound is recognized primarily by its chemical name:

  • Rutecarpine

This terminology underscores its classification as a compound extracted from the Evodia herb.


Rutecarpine is utilized primarily for its health benefits, especially in relation to its action as a COX-2 inhibitor. Its applications include:

  • Acting as a supplement to eliminate the effects of caffeine, such as sleeplessness.
  • Potential use in managing inflammation due to its COX-2 inhibitory properties.

These uses make Rutecarpine a subject of interest for those looking to mitigate caffeine’s impact on sleep and for its anti-inflammatory potential.


Rutecarpine, or rutaecarpine, is a COX-2 inhibitor isolated from the herb Euodia ruticarpa. It stands out among non-basic alkaloids for its unique properties, particularly in relation to caffeine metabolism and potential anti-inflammatory effects.

Key points include:

  • Isolated as a COX-2 inhibitor from the Euodia ruticarpa plant.
  • Used to counteract the effects of caffeine, aiding in reducing sleeplessness.
  • Its role and efficacy as a supplement are derived from its natural herbal origins.

Common Dosage

Currently, there is no established standard dosage for Rutecarpine. Dosage recommendations may vary depending on individual needs and the specific reasons for supplementation.


Rutecarpine, derived from the Evodia herb, is recognized for its unique ability to mitigate caffeine’s effects and its potential as a COX-2 inhibitor. While it is primarily used to aid in reducing sleeplessness caused by caffeine, its anti-inflammatory properties also present an area of interest for health research.

Key summary points include:

  • Acts as a natural solution for counteracting caffeine’s effects.
  • Potential anti-inflammatory benefits due to COX-2 inhibition.
  • Lack of a standard dosage highlights the need for further research.

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