Radix ophiopogon extract 5:1


Radix Ophiopogon Extract is derived from the roots of Radix ophiopogon, commonly known as Mondo grass. This plant is valued for its medicinal properties, particularly within the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Also Known As

This extract is known by various names that reflect its botanical origins and common usage in gardens and traditional remedies:

  • Ophiopogon japonicus
  • Dwarf lilyturf
  • Mondo Grass
  • Fountainplant
  • Monkey grass
  • Mai Men Ding

These names encompass the plant’s diverse roles, from its aesthetic use as groundcover to its medicinal applications.


Radix Ophiopogon Extract is utilized for its therapeutic benefits in treating a wide range of conditions. Its applications include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases and inflammation
  • Chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and chronic pharyngolaryngitis
  • Silicosis, tuberculosis, and various gastric conditions such as ulcers and gastritis
  • Morning sickness

These uses highlight the extract’s importance in traditional medicine for addressing both respiratory and gastrointestinal issues.


Radix Ophiopogon Extract, obtained from Mondo grass roots, is a traditional remedy known for its sweet, slightly bitter, and slightly cold properties. It plays a significant role in Traditional Chinese Medicine, offering benefits for cardiovascular health, respiratory conditions, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Key points include:

  • Long-standing use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a variety of ailments.
  • Contains bioactive compounds such as steroidal saponins, glycosides, and polysaccharides.
  • Used to treat cardiovascular diseases, respiratory conditions, and gastrointestinal issues.

Common Dosage

Currently, there is no clearly established recommended dosage for Radix Ophiopogon Extract supplementation, as further research is necessary to determine optimal amounts for therapeutic use.


Radix Ophiopogon Extract, derived from Mondo grass roots, is celebrated for its medicinal properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its use in treating cardiovascular diseases, respiratory conditions, and gastrointestinal disorders underscores its therapeutic value.

Key summary points include:

  • Known for its bioactive compounds that contribute to its therapeutic effects.
  • Utilized in traditional remedies for a broad spectrum of health conditions.
  • Further research is needed to establish a recommended dosage for supplementation.

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