Potassium Gluconate


Potassium gluconate is created through a specific chemical process that involves the reaction between potassium and gluconic acid. This synthesis results in a compound known for its versatility and utility in various applications, particularly in the health and nutrition sectors.

Also Known As

Potassium gluconate is known by several scientific names, each reflecting its chemical structure and properties. These include:

  • 2,3,4,5,6-pentahydroxycaproic acid potassium salt
  • D-gluconic acid potassium salt
  • Potassium D-gluconate


Potassium gluconate finds its primary use as a mineral supplement, providing a bioavailable form of potassium to help meet dietary needs. Additionally, it serves as a sequestrant, helping to stabilize and improve the quality of food products. Its roles as an acidity regulator and yeast food further underscore its importance in food science and nutrition.


Potassium gluconate, the potassium salt form of gluconic acid’s conjugate base, is notable for its application as a mineral supplement and its various roles in the food industry. Its chemical stability and solubility make it an ideal candidate for these purposes.

Key points include:

  • Used as a dietary supplement to provide potassium.
  • Acts as a sequestrant to enhance food stability and quality.
  • Serves as an acidity regulator and supports yeast growth in food products.

Common Dosage

The typical dosage of potassium gluconate for supplementation purposes is 550 mg. This dosage ensures an adequate supply of potassium, aiding in the maintenance of essential bodily functions.


Potassium gluconate is a valuable compound produced from the reaction between potassium and gluconic acid. It is widely used as a potassium supplement and plays several crucial roles in food production and quality control.

Key summary points include:

  • Acts as a significant source of potassium when taken as a supplement.
  • Enhances food stability and quality as a sequestrant.
  • Regulates acidity and supports yeast growth in food preparation.

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