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Paradoxine is a patented extract meticulously developed by Win Health International Co., Ltd., sourced from the unique Grains of Paradise. This extract is lauded for its exceptional health benefits, particularly its role in enhancing metabolism and facilitating fat loss, marking a significant advancement in nutritional science and wellness.

Also Known As

Paradoxine is celebrated under a variety of names, reflecting its origins and the key components it comprises. These alternative names include:

  • Grains of Paradise extract
  • Aframomum melegueta extract
  • 6-paradol supplement


In the world of weight management and sports nutrition, Paradoxine is a cornerstone ingredient. Its acclaimed ability to drive fat loss via thermogenesis has made it a sought-after component in dietary supplements. These supplements aim to boost metabolic rate, enhance workout output, and support comprehensive fat reduction strategies, offering a holistic approach to fitness and health.


Paradoxine distinguishes itself as a herbal, non-stimulant entity engineered for fat loss. It kickstarts thermogenesis and fosters the transformation of white adipose tissue into its brown counterpart, which boasts higher metabolic activity. This transformation is instrumental in fat reduction and augments workout performance. Key highlights of Paradoxine include:

  • Patented extract derived from Grains of Paradise.
  • Facilitates the conversion from white to brown adipose tissue, promoting fat loss.
  • Elevates workout output and metabolic rate without relying on stimulants.

Common Dosage

The ideal dosage for harnessing Paradoxine’s fat-burning and metabolic benefits lies between 40 to 100 mg per serving. This range ensures efficacy while upholding safety standards.


Paradoxine stands out as a premium, non-stimulant ingredient for fat loss, originating from Grains of Paradise. It is acclaimed for its thermogenic properties and its ability to convert different types of fat for better metabolic activity and fat reduction. In summary:

  • Promotes non-stimulant fat loss through thermogenesis.
  • Boosts metabolic rate and workout performance.
  • The recommended dosage is between 40 to 100 mg per serving.

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