Papaya Fruit Powder


Papaya fruit powder comes from the dried and pulverized fruit of the papaya plant, a tropical native cherished for its nutrient-rich qualities and versatility.

Also Known As

Papaya fruit powder is recognized by various names across different cultures. Here are some of its most common aliases:

  • Papain powder
  • Carica papaya powder
  • Tropical fruit extract


Papaya fruit powder finds its utility in a wide array of applications, primarily due to its enzymatic properties. It’s a key ingredient in enzyme tablets, used for tenderizing meat in the culinary world, and valued in the skincare industry for its ability to regulate oiliness and exfoliate dry skin. Moreover, its nutritional profile makes it a sought-after addition in dietary supplements.


Papaya fruit powder is the dried and ground form of papaya fruit, offering a concentrated source of the plant’s natural benefits. It’s rich in enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants, making it a versatile ingredient in both food and skincare products. Key features include:

  • Contains papain, an enzyme that tenderizes meat and aids in digestion.
  • Rich in carotenoids and lycopene, aiding in neutralizing free radicals and removing excess iron, respectively.
  • Packed with vitamins A and C, promoting a radiant complexion and soft, smooth skin.

Common Dosage

The typical dosage for papaya fruit powder is 250 mg, although this may vary based on the product formulation and purpose of use.


Papaya fruit powder is a potent and versatile ingredient derived from the tropical papaya fruit. It offers a range of health and beauty benefits, from aiding digestion and tenderizing meat to promoting a healthy complexion. Its key highlights include:

  • Enzymatic properties that benefit both dietary and cosmetic applications.
  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamins for overall health and skin wellness.
  • Commonly used in a dosage of 250 mg for optimal benefits.

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