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Pantethine is distributed by KYOWA HAKKO U.S.A., INC., a recognized leader in the field of health and nutrition.

Also Known As

Pantethine is also known by its brand name, Pantesin®, among other designations. Here are some of its various names:

  • Pantesin
  • Vitamin B5 active form
  • D-Pantethine


Pantethine is primarily used in the healthcare and nutrition industry, especially for heart health. It is incorporated into supplements aimed at supporting cardiovascular health, managing cholesterol levels, and promoting overall metabolic health.


Pantesin® is a highly pure and absorbable form of Pantethine, an active derivative of Vitamin B5, designed to provide significant support for maintaining a healthy heart. By operating at the cellular level, it enhances enzyme and metabolic processes essential for balanced cholesterol management.

  • Helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
  • Aids in raising HDL (good) cholesterol levels
  • Enhances metabolic and enzyme activity to support heart health

Common Dosage

The common dosage for Pantethine, particularly in its Pantesin® form, is 600 mg. This dosage is often recommended to optimize its heart health benefits.


Pantesin® Pantethine is a specialized and highly effective form of Vitamin B5 that is essential for supporting cardiovascular health through its cholesterol-managing properties. It acts on a cellular level to maintain a healthy balance between LDL and HDL cholesterol, contributing to overall heart health.

  • Provides safe and effective support for a healthy heart
  • Works at the cellular level to maintain balanced cholesterol levels
  • Recommended dosage is 600 mg for optimal benefits

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