Nitrosigine is a product of the innovative efforts of Nutrition 21, a company renowned for developing and manufacturing advanced nutritional ingredients. This formulation represents a leap forward in supplement technology, combining the benefits of arginine and silicon into a powerful complex designed to support athletic performance and physiological functions.

Also Known As

Nitrosigine is recognized under various names, highlighting its widespread acceptance and utilization in the health and wellness sector. Some of these alternate names include:

  • Arginine Silicate Inositol
  • ASI Complex
  • Nitric Oxide Booster


Nitrosigine is extensively used in the fitness and health supplement industry, particularly in products aimed at enhancing athletic performance. Its unique properties make it a favored ingredient in pre-workout supplements, energy drinks, and other formulations designed to improve vasodilation, cognitive function, and overall physical performance.


Nitrosigine stands out in the world of dietary supplements as a patented complex that combines arginine and silicon, offering multifaceted benefits crucial for athletes and active individuals. It has a significant impact on blood protein levels, which are integral to various physiological functions and cellular processes. Here are three key points about Nitrosigine:

  • Clinically proven to enhance vasodilation, leading to improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles.
  • Shows significant increases in levels of kallistatin and afamin, blood proteins associated with vasodilation and cognitive enhancement, by 32% and 46% respectively.
  • Supports cognitive functions, thereby benefiting not just physical but also mental aspects of athletic performance.

Common Dosage

The recommended dosage for Nitrosigine to achieve its optimal benefits is 1500 mg per day. This dosage is based on clinical research and is commonly advised to enhance workout performance and cognitive function.


Nitrosigine is a revolutionary dietary ingredient developed by Nutrition 21, offering a blend of arginine and silicon that delivers unparalleled benefits for athletes and individuals seeking to enhance their performance and cognitive function. It significantly boosts key blood protein levels, leading to improved vasodilation and cognitive abilities. In summary:

  • Nitrosigine enhances athletic performance and supports various physiological functions.
  • Recommended dosage of 1500 mg per day for optimal benefits.
  • It’s a key ingredient in many performance-enhancing supplements.

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