Guarana Seed 50% Caffeine


Guarana is extracted from the seeds of the Guarana plant, scientifically known as Paullinia cupana, with its synonyms being P. crysan and P. sorbilis. This plant is native to the Amazon basin and is especially prevalent in Brazil. The Guarana seed is notable for its high caffeine content, which is often utilized in various health and energy formulations.

Also Known As

Guarana is also widely recognized by its scientific name, Paullinia cupana. Here are other names it’s known by:

  • Brazilian cocoa
  • Uabano
  • Uaranzeiro


Guarana is prominently used in the dietary supplement and energy drink sectors due to its high caffeine content. Its applications extend to weight loss supplements, athletic performance enhancers, and energy-boosting products. Guarana is also found in traditional medicine, where it is used to combat mental and physical fatigue, lower blood pressure, manage chronic fatigue syndrome, and prevent diseases such as malaria and dysentery. Additionally, it’s reputed to possess aphrodisiac properties, promote diuresis, and serve as an astringent.


Guarana is renowned for its stimulating effects, primarily attributed to its caffeine content, which surpasses that of coffee beans. This makes it a sought-after ingredient in products aimed at enhancing energy and mental alertness. Here are three key points about Guarana:

  • Guarana’s caffeine content contributes to weight loss by enhancing metabolism.
  • It is used in traditional medicine to improve concentration and fight fatigue.
  • Guarana has applications in preventing and treating various health conditions, from low blood pressure to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Common Dosage

There is no established common dosage for Guarana, as it varies based on the form of the product and its intended use. It’s essential for individuals to consult healthcare providers to determine an appropriate dosage for their specific needs.


Guarana, derived from the seeds of the Paullinia cupana plant, is a versatile ingredient known for its high caffeine content. It finds widespread use in dietary supplements, energy drinks, and traditional medicine, offering benefits like weight loss, enhanced athletic performance, and increased mental alertness. While there is no standard dosage for Guarana, its effectiveness in various applications makes it a valuable component in health and wellness products.

  • High caffeine content for energy and alertness
  • Used for weight loss and performance enhancement
  • Benefits in traditional medicine for a range of health conditions

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