GlycerPump(Glycerol Powder 65%)


GlycerPump is a product of Pinnacle Ingredients, designed and produced to offer a high-quality form of glycerol powder. This innovative ingredient is crafted to maintain stability and efficacy in supplement formulations.

Also Known As

GlycerPump is recognized under a few different names, notable for its unique formulation:

  • Glycerol Powder 65%
  • Hydration Enhancer
  • Pinnacle Glycerol


GlycerPump is primarily utilized in the fitness and supplement industry. It’s a popular ingredient in pre-workout and hydration supplements due to its ability to enhance moisture retention and improve hydration. This property makes it particularly beneficial for athletes looking to maintain performance levels during intense physical activities.


GlycerPump stands out in the supplement market as a stable form of glycerol powder, containing 65% glycerol. This concentration promotes better hydration and endurance, making it a favored ingredient among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The key features of GlycerPump include:

  • Enhances hydration for improved performance and endurance.
  • Maintains stability in formulations, ensuring consistent benefits.
  • Contains 65% glycerol, offering a high concentration for effectiveness.

Common Dosage

The recommended dosage for GlycerPump is 1000 mg. This amount is ideal for achieving the desired effects in hydration and performance enhancement without compromising safety.


GlycerPump is a specialized form of glycerol powder developed by Pinnacle Ingredients. It’s known for its high glycerol content and stability, making it a go-to ingredient for hydration and performance supplements. The benefits of GlycerPump include:

  • Superior hydration and moisture retention capabilities.
  • Stability in supplement formulations.
  • A high concentration of glycerol for optimal performance benefits.

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