Ferrous Fumerate


Ferrous fumarate is a compound formed by combining iron(II) with fumaric acid. Recognized for its role in supplementing iron, this substance appears as a reddish-orange powder. Its chemical formation enables efficient absorption of iron by the human body, making it a vital component in addressing iron deficiencies.

Also Known As

Ferrous fumarate is known by various names, reflecting its chemical composition and common uses. Below are some alternative names for ferrous fumarate:

  • Iron(II) fumarate
  • Ferrous salt of fumaric acid
  • Iron fumarate


Ferrous fumarate is primarily used in the medical and nutritional fields. It serves as an essential iron supplement, particularly valuable for treating conditions like iron deficiency anemia. This compound is included in various dietary supplements and is often recommended to improve iron levels in individuals with iron deficiency, pregnant women, and people with increased iron requirements.


Ferrous fumarate is a critical supplement for iron, designed to mitigate iron deficiency and related conditions. It’s effectiveness and utility in medical and nutritional applications underscore its importance.

  • Essential for treating iron deficiency anemia
  • Commonly used in dietary supplements
  • Recommended for individuals with increased iron needs

Common Dosage

The recommended dosage of ferrous fumarate varies based on its intended use and the individual’s age. For adults suffering from iron deficiency anemia, a typical prescription involves taking a total of 369 mg daily, divided into three doses over three months. As a general mineral supplement, the dosage ranges from 18 to 54 mg daily, also divided into three doses.


Ferrous fumarate plays a crucial role in combating iron deficiency and ensuring adequate iron levels in the body. Its formulation as the iron(II) salt of fumaric acid enables effective iron supplementation, addressing the needs of individuals with iron deficiency anemia and those requiring additional iron intake.

  • Vital for iron supplementation
  • Used in treating iron deficiency anemia
  • Recommended in divided doses for effective absorption

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