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Origin: Acacia Senegal

Also known as: Gum Arabic or Acacia Gum

Overview: Acacia powder is a fibrous powder cultivated from the sap of the Acacia shrub native to that packs a healthy shot of soluble fiber. It is a strong source of pre-biotics, which promote healthy gut bacteria growth. With a large portion of soluble fibers, consumption can lead to gas production during the fermentation and breakdown in the intestine. With Acacia fiber, consumption results in a delayed breakdown and subsequent decrease in gas experience. Perfect for those that experience GI discomfort from other fiber sources.

With almost all fiber sources, satiation will increase with intake as the fiber soaks up water, expands and fills space in the digestive system. Acacia fiber has indication that along with its beneficial impact on overall gut health, it may also promote weight loss.

Acacia Powder mixes well and has a light color and fine texture.

Common Dosage: 3-6g

Research Rating (out of 10*): 5*

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