F,D &C Blue


F,D &C Blue No. 1, also known as Brilliant Blue FCF, is synthesized through a chemical process that involves the condensation of 2-formylbenzenesulfonic acid with the appropriate aniline, followed by oxidation. This method produces a distinctive blue colorant used extensively in various industries.

Also Known As

This compound is known by various names across different applications and industries. Here are some of its alternative names:

  • Acid Blue 9
  • D&C Blue No. 4
  • Alzen Food Blue No. 1
  • Atracid Blue FG
  • Blue #1 Lake
  • Erioglaucine
  • Eriosky blue
  • Patent Blue AR
  • Xylene Blue VSG
  • C.I. 42090
  • Basacid Blue 755
  • Sulfacid Brilliant Blue 5 J
  • Neolan Blue E-A
  • Brilliant Blue FD


Brilliant Blue FCF is widely used as a blue colorant in a variety of products. Its applications include processed foods, medications, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. This versatile dye offers vibrant coloring solutions to enhance the visual appeal of products.


Brilliant Blue FCF is a synthetic organic compound known for its vivid blue hue. It appears as a blue powder and is water and glycerol soluble, making it an ideal colorant for a wide range of products. Key points about this compound include:

  • It is one of the oldest FDA-approved color additives.
  • Brilliant Blue FCF is generally considered non-toxic and safe for use in food and other products.
  • It enhances the visual appeal of products with its bright blue color.

Common Dosage

While specific common dosages can vary based on the product and industry standards, Brilliant Blue FCF is typically used in concentrations that comply with regulatory guidelines to ensure safety and effectiveness.


F,D &C Blue No. 1, or Brilliant Blue FCF, is a synthetic dye recognized for its extensive use as a blue colorant in processed foods, medications, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. Its safe and non-toxic nature, along with FDA approval, makes it a popular choice for adding color to various products. Highlights of Brilliant Blue FCF include:

  • Wide usage across multiple industries for its vibrant blue color.
  • Recognized as safe by the FDA for use in foods and other products.
  • Soluble in water and glycerol, making it versatile for different applications.

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