E. Cottonii


Eucheuma is a type of coral grass native to a variety of regions including Hawaii, Tonga, East Africa, the Philippines, and various areas around the Pacific Ocean. This diverse habitat contributes to its wide range of uses and importance in local ecosystems.

Also Known As

Eucheuma is known by several names, each highlighting its significance in different cultures and applications:

  • Guso
  • Sea Bird’s Nest


Eucheuma is utilized in several key industries due to its versatile properties. In the cosmetics and food processing sectors, it is primarily used for its carrageenan content, a thickening and stabilizing agent. Additionally, it serves as a direct food source in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, where it is a traditional ingredient in local cuisines.


Eucheuma, often recognized by its common names such as gusô, is a seaweed algae available in brown, red, or green varieties. Its significance extends beyond its ecological role, contributing to the economic and nutritional needs of humans. Notably, Eucheuma species are instrumental in the production of carrageenan, which finds widespread application in cosmetics, food processing, and industrial manufacturing.

Key Points:

  • Eucheuma is a versatile seaweed algae used in various industries.
  • It is a primary source of carrageenan, essential for cosmetics and food processing.
  • Eucheuma serves as a direct food source in certain cultures, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Common Dosage

There is no standard dosage for Eucheuma, also known as E. Cottonii, due to its varied applications in food, industry, and cosmetics.


Eucheuma, with its vibrant presence in regions like Hawaii, Tonga, East Africa, the Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean, plays a pivotal role in both local ecosystems and human industries. Known by names such as guso and Sea Bird’s Nest, it’s a crucial ingredient in the production of carrageenan, benefiting the cosmetics, food processing, and industrial sectors. While it also enriches the diets of communities in Indonesia and the Philippines, its usage spans a broad spectrum of applications without a defined common dosage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eucheuma is native to a wide array of coastal regions, indicating its ecological importance.
  • It is vital for the production of carrageenan, impacting various industries significantly.
  • Despite its widespread use, there is no standardized dosage for Eucheuma.

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