Chitosan is derived through a unique process that involves treating chitin, found in crustacean shells, with an alkaline solution. This process effectively converts chitin into chitosan, a versatile compound used in various applications.

Also Known As

Chitosan is known by several names, reflecting its wide range of uses and properties. These include:

  • Poliglusam
  • Deacetylchitin
  • Poly-(D)glucosamine
  • BC
  • Chitopearl
  • Chitopharm
  • Flonac
  • Kytex


Chitosan finds its applications in a multitude of fields, including healthcare, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. It’s prized for its ability to aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, and support skin and joint health. Additionally, chitosan is utilized in water treatment processes due to its ability to bind with impurities.


Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide that boasts numerous health benefits, ranging from weight loss support to cholesterol management and the promotion of skin and joint regeneration. Its key features include:

  • Acts as a non-digestible dietary fiber that binds to fats, toxins, and cholesterol in the digestive system.
  • Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to enhance skin rejuvenation.
  • Boosts immunity by facilitating the release of active compounds into the bloodstream.

Common Dosage

  • The common dosage of chitosan varies based on its intended use, with dietary supplements typically ranging from 500 to 1000 mg taken before meals. However, it’s important to consult healthcare professionals to determine the appropriate dosage for individual needs.


Chitosan is a highly beneficial compound derived from crustacean shells, known for its diverse applications in health, beauty, and environmental conservation. Its key highlights include:

  • Supports weight loss and cholesterol management.
  • Enhances skin health and aids in joint regeneration.
  • Offers immune system support by promoting the release of beneficial compounds.

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