Bulbine Natalensis


Bulbine Natalensis is a plant extract sourced from the stems of the Bulbine Natalensis plant, indigenous to Southern and South Eastern Africa.

Also Known As

Bulbine Natalensis is known by various names across different cultures. Here are some of its most common aliases:

  • Bulbine
  • Ibhucu
  • Ingcelwane
  • Rooiwortel


This herb finds its primary application as a traditional aphrodisiac. Beyond its use in enhancing sexual drive, Bulbine Natalensis is also recognized for its positive impact on testosterone levels, cognition, and overall sexual health.


Bulbine Natalensis has garnered attention for its traditional use in Southern and South Eastern Africa, primarily as an aphrodisiac. Research has highlighted its potential in not just enhancing libido but also in significantly boosting testosterone levels while potentially reducing estrogen levels. These effects contribute to its growing popularity in the supplement industry, especially among products targeting sexual health and testosterone enhancement.

Key points include:

  • Traditional use as an aphrodisiac in African herbal medicine.
  • Documented effects on increasing testosterone and possibly reducing estrogen levels.
  • Potential benefits for both cognitive and sexual health.

Common Dosage

The recommended daily dosage for Bulbine Natalensis is 650 mg, based on the findings from various studies.


Bulbine Natalensis is a distinguished herb known for its traditional use as an aphrodisiac and its remarkable effects on enhancing testosterone levels. Its applications extend beyond sexual health, touching upon aspects of cognition and hormonal balance. With a recommended dosage of 650 mg daily, it offers a natural option for individuals looking to boost their testosterone levels and improve sexual function.

Key takeaways:

  • Traditional aphrodisiac with modern applications in testosterone enhancement.
  • Recommended daily dosage of 650 mg.
  • Research-backed benefits for sexual and cognitive health.

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