Brassaiposis Glomerulata


Brassaiopsis Glomerulata is a unique plant that originates from Vietnam. It thrives in the country’s lush, green landscapes, contributing to the rich biodiversity of the region.

Also Known As

This plant is recognized by several names, each highlighting a different aspect of its nature and heritage:

  • Vietnamese Holly
  • Back Pain Tree
  • Rheumatism Shrub


Brassaiopsis Glomerulata is traditionally used in herbal medicine, primarily for its effects in treating rheumatism and back pain. Due to its aromatase inhibiting properties, it is also gaining interest in scientific communities for potential use in over-the-counter aromatase inhibitors.


Brassaiopsis Glomerulata is not only a plant with traditional medicinal uses but also a subject of scientific interest due to its unique compounds. These compounds have shown potential in treating conditions like rheumatism and back pain, making it a valuable plant for both traditional and modern medicine. Additionally, its role as an aromatase inhibitor could make it an important resource in the development of new medical treatments.

  • Traditionally used for treating rheumatism and back pain
  • Contains compounds that act as aromatase inhibitors
  • Scientific studies have identified specific components with potential medicinal benefits

Common Dosage

The appropriate dosage of Brassaiopsis Glomerulata can vary based on individual factors such as age, health status, and specific health conditions. It’s important for users to consult healthcare professionals to determine the optimal dosage for their particular needs.


Brassaiopsis Glomerulata is a noteworthy plant from Vietnam, valued both in traditional medicine for treating rheumatism and back pain, and in scientific research for its aromatase inhibiting properties. Its potential in contributing to both natural and conventional medicine makes it a plant of great interest.

  • Valued for traditional and potential medicinal uses
  • Acts as an aromatase inhibitor
  • Dosage should be personalized based on individual health factors

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