Benfotiamine is a synthetic derivative of thiamine, a vitamin known for its crucial role in nerve function and energy metabolism.

Also Known As

Benfotiamine is known by several names, reflecting its chemical structure and uses. Below are its alternate names:

  • S-benzoylthiamine O-monophosphate


Benfotiamine is widely used as a dietary supplement in various countries, including the US and China. In several other nations, such as Ukraine, Russia, India, Korea, and Japan, it is recognized and utilized as a pharmaceutical drug. Its primary application is in the management of diabetic neuropathy, offering an over-the-counter option for those seeking relief from this condition.


Benfotiamine, a synthetic S-acyl derivative of thiamine, was first developed in Japan in 1961. Unlike thiamine, benfotiamine is fat-soluble, allowing for superior absorption and increased blood levels of vitamin B1. This enhanced bioavailability makes it a preferred choice for nutritional supplementation, especially for conditions related to nerve health and diabetes.

  • Fat-soluble derivative of thiamine for better absorption
  • Significantly increases blood levels of vitamin B1 compared to thiamine supplements
  • Marketed as a dietary supplement and pharmaceutical drug in various countries

Common Dosage

Clinical trials have established that the most effective dosage for benfotiamine ranges from 300 mg to 600 mg, typically divided into two doses throughout the day.


Benfotiamine serves as a potent form of vitamin B1 supplementation, beneficial especially for those managing diabetic neuropathy. Its ability to significantly increase vitamin B1 levels in the blood, coupled with its fat-soluble nature for enhanced absorption, makes it a valuable dietary supplement and a pharmaceutical option across the globe.

  • Synthetic derivative of thiamine with superior absorption
  • Widely used for diabetic neuropathy and as a nutritional supplement
  • Effective dosages range from 300 mg to 600 mg divided into two daily doses

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