Bauhinia Ext. 10:1


Bauhinia Extract comes from the Bauhinia tree, a medium-sized plant that flourishes in the warmer climates of India, Pakistan, Southern China, and Southeast Asia. The extract itself is procured from the tree’s leaves and bark, highlighting the tree’s versatility and importance in traditional herbal medicine practices in these regions.

Also Known As

Bauhinia Extract is known by various names, each reflecting a unique aspect of the tree’s appearance or its cultural significance:

  • Mountain Ebony
  • Kachnar
  • Orchid Tree
  • Butterfly Tree
  • Camel’s Foot


Bauhinia Extract is widely utilized in traditional and modern herbal medicine due to its broad spectrum of therapeutic properties. It finds its application in the treatment of diabetes, inflammation, bacterial infections, and pain, among others. Its rich flavonoid content, including compounds like quercetin and apigenin, underpins its efficacy in these areas.


Bauhinia Extract is a potent herbal compound with a multifaceted profile of health benefits. Derived from a tree revered in many Asian cultures, this extract boasts significant medicinal properties, making it a valuable component in the treatment of various conditions. Its key features include:

  • Rich in flavonoids such as quercetin and apigenin, contributing to its health benefits.
  • Known for antibacterial, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory activities.
  • Utilized in traditional medicine for its analgesic and antidiarrheal properties.

Common Dosage

As of now, there is no universally accepted dosage for Bauhinia Extract, indicating the need for further research to establish standardized guidelines for its safe and effective use.


Bauhinia Extract embodies the confluence of traditional wisdom and modern pharmacology, offering a natural remedy for a range of health issues with its remarkable therapeutic properties. Extracted from a tree native to parts of Asia, it is celebrated for its:

  • Versatile medicinal uses in traditional and contemporary herbal medicine.
  • Rich flavonoid content that underscores its health-promoting effects.
  • Lack of a standard dosage, pointing towards an area for future research and standardization.

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